Purpose- why we do?

In the history of humanity, from the stone age to current science and technological age, the agricultural activity has feed the mankind. Our humanity lived on this naturally sourced food and it's energy with grace of mother nature. The food quality was so awesome that our previous generations nurtured and lived quality and healthy life on it.

In last few decades with advancement in science and technology we started using pesticides & chemicals in agriculture. Then we lost the purity and goodness of the natural food. Now that lowered quality is habitual to us. This pollution in our routine food is causing negative impact on human health. Pure natural food is very essential for living a better healthy life. It's time to turn towards nature.

Project- what we do?

At Samyak Wellbeing we cultivate, grow and harvest the crops in natural and eco-friendly way. Total handling and transportation is being done in hygienic conditions. The time span in harvesting and deliveryis minimum to serve you most fresh vegetables. Even we sell it at regular market price so that every person who wishes to eat this quality farm fresh food can afford it.

Process- how we do?

As a new start up initiative we have started in small scale venture at Sangli Miraj Kupwad Corporation city of Maharashtra State in Union of India. We have engaged 1 hectare land nearby to the city in this project. Simultaneously we have connected with few more farmers to grow more different varieties as per our quality policy. Currently we are selling these produced materials in Sangli Miraj and Kupwad Corporation area and nearby towns & villages. Anyone who is conscious about eating quality food should connect to us to get the finest quality farm fresh food.

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